Billy Sullivan


Billy Sullivan is a filmmaker who earned his MFA from The University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. Billy was born in Minnesota and while there earned a BA in creative writing and literature. It was no surprise to his friends and family that he turned in the cold Minnesota winters to make films in the warm sun of Los Angeles. Billy enjoys making films in all genres but especially loves working in comedy and touching on social issues.  He has worked in film, television, and web series, in various roles including, director, writer, producer, and editor. He has created films in a range of topics from the troubles of Catholicism to a musical about the life in a fraternity.

Billy has won multiple awards including a student Emmy for Best Series for Frat House Musical, and his work has been featured at film festivals, including a premiere at The South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, TX.

Billy fits right in at Rigler Creative as an editor. His love of documentary as well as his experience editing documentaries is a perfect match.  He was the editor on The Raw Truth, starring Andy Dick. And his experience editing walking films has previously been explored in The Road Less Traveled, a documentary about a filmmaker walking across the country for gay rights.

When Billy isn’t working on a film project you can typically find him trying his best to be a classy guy either by singing karaoke or challenging his friends to a dance off. If he can’t be found it is very likely that he is in the process of traveling somewhere he has never been before or hiking to the top of a mountain.